Lapolla Foam LOK 500

What is Lapolla Foam LOK 500

FOAM-LOK 500 is ideal for a variety of building envelope applications including use in walls, floors, ceilings (including vaulted and cathedral style) and attics. The material works by forming a completely sealed air barrier in wall cavities and can be utilized to fill 2” x 6” stud wall construction in a single application. FOAM-LOK 500 adheres tenaciously to most building materials and framing members and provides exceptional performance in the reduction of heat transfer.

Additional benefits of FOAM-LOK 500 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation are substantial and include noise attenuation and significant reduction in unmanaged moisture. Additionally, the product’s ability to superbly seal the envelope improves indoor air quality while reducing temperature fluctuations and the presence of hot and cold pockets inside, greatly enhancing the indoor comfort of inhabitants.


"FOAM-LOK 500 is an insulation solution which provides
homeowners and building owners up to 50% energy cost
savings over the life of the structure,”

Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Lapolla Industries.”

FOAM-LOK 500 is a spray applied product with no mixing requirements. The insulation material is a water-blown technology with non-emissive catalysts in an added benefit to the environment.

“The benefits of FOAM-LOK 500 to contractors, builders, homeowners and building owners are far reaching,” added Kramer. “This improved insulation not only provides indoor comfort, but is earth-friendly in so many ways. It’s a great addition to Lapolla’s family of products.”

Lapolla Foam-Lok 500 and you.

Warmer Homes Lapolla spray foam insulation solutions mean that whether you are a home owner, or have an industrial or commercial property we have an insulation solution for you.

We can even insulate your garden shed, garage or boat!

Regardless of the building or property type, by using Warmer Homes Lapolla spray foam insulation the benefits are available to all regardless of size or type of building.

Main benefits of Lapolla Foam-Lok 500

✓ higher energy efficiency

✓ reduces temperature fluctuations

✓ improved occupant comfort

✓ cleaner air indoors

✓ reduces moisture

✓ greater noise reduction

 ✓Increases Structural Strength

✓ Sustainable and durable

✓ Superior air tightness

✓Perfect for renovations and new constructions.

 ✓ 25 Year Lapolla Warranty

✓ 100% water blown – contains no harmful agents

✓ Reduces internal noise from noisy rooms, laundrys etc.

✓ High Insulation (R-Value)

✓ Protects your home.

✓ Versatile