Our Work


Loft in Oxfordshire

The project involved spraying the underside of the ceiling of a residential loft in Guildford.

The customers, Mr and Mrs Herald, came to Warmer Homes Insulation Ltd as they were struggling to keep their home warm during the winter months and control damp. Mr and Mrs Herald were looking for a superior but cost effective solution.

“My wife and I took some time to research different insulation
materials and settled on a spray foam. Having spoken to a number
of different companies and received various quotes, Warmer Home
s offered the highest quality product and the best value for money.
Whilst the product itself is a lot more costly than lower quality
materials we looked into (such as Rockwool) Warmer Homes gave
us a much lower quote than several other companies we spoke with.”

Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Lapolla Industries.”


Reading Warehouse

The project included spraying 560 square metres, including the roof and walls, of a commercial warehouse in Reading using commercial Foam-Lok 500™ spray foam insulation. This was to provide the elimination of condensation, the reduction of heating costs by up to 50% as well as sound proofing qualities.

Foam-Lok 500™ does not damage electrical cables or plastic conduit, nor does it corrode metal pipework or sheet metal walls – making it the perfect product for commercial insulation.

Warmer Homes Insulation LTD are BBA Certified to spray onto any surface including; sheet metal, timber, concrete, and asbestos – this enables us to offer commercial services to a wide variety of different businesses.





UK CASE STUDY – Colwith Farm Potatoes

Based on Lanivery Junction, Near Lostwithiel, Cornwall, Colwith Farm is a large producer of potatoes of many years standing producing 6,000 tons annually. Over 3,000 tons are stored in temperature controlled climates, so insulation is critical.  

In order to improve running costs, crop storage conditions (condensation, relative humidity, temperature control) and thus drive quality and profitability, Colwith Farm engaged the team at SWIS-Lapolla to install Lapolla Industries’ high-performance Foam-Lok 4G closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation for their newly added potato store. 

Lapolla spray foam is one of the key players in the US agricultural and construction industries and has a growing reputation in the UK market. Spray foam is recognized by the Potato Council as a high performance, ‘best practice’ insulating material. 

The installation was completed in just three days, with minimal disruption caused by the process – farmer Chris Dustow said: 

“I couldn’t be happier with the quality and speed of the installation. The crews operated in a tidy and safe manner and the overall job looks very neat. I am looking forward to reaping the significant benefits in terms of energy cost savings and improved storage conditions. Our predicted payback is around 12 months so this makes an excellent investment. Thanks to Steve and the team for a job well done – I highly recommend the product and service” 

“It was a great joy to meet with a Company who considered the
customer from beginning to end. Helpful and understanding
regarding finance. Very good information on the product and when
the team arrived, they were kind helpful and considerate. The
difference in temperature in the house and obviously increasing
the value of the property value is worth every penny. Thank you
Warmer Homes Insulation.”

Paddy and David Dornom, Devon.